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Stop Foreclosure Utah

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In Utah, the law recognizes Deed of Trust. This means your mortgage lender can begin the foreclosure procedure without filing a lawsuit. Deed of Trust makes it easier and simpler for the lender to begin the foreclosure procedure and does not offer protection to the homeowner. That is why you should look for avenues to stop foreclosure in Utah.

Foreclosure in Utah

Your lender will send you a notice of default, after which they will have to record the election to sell the property at the county office. However, the lender has to wait for a minimum of three months to give you time to come up with the defaulted payments. If you are unable to do so, the lender will put out a notice in the newspaper to sell the property and a similar notice will be placed on your property. Then the property is sold to the highest bidder.

The good news is that Mortgage Helpline can assist you. Our foreclosure attorney will work with you to find ways how to stop foreclosure of your property. Our attorneys are experienced in foreclosure and are aware of the state laws.

Stop Foreclosure in Utah: Mortgage Helpline is Here to Help You

We realize that it is a frightening experience to get a foreclosure notice from your lender. You may feel there is no escape and you have to reconcile to your faith. On the contrary, Mortgage Helpline is here to help you tide over this difficult situation and ensure you don’t lose the roof over your head. Our experienced and empathetic foreclosure attorney will study your case and come up with the right solution.

The attorney will not only tell you on ways how to stop foreclosure sale date, but also work with you to stop the foreclosure procedure. The main priority will be how to stop foreclosure auction immediately. This will give you peace of mind as you will be able to stay in your home until the foreclosure attorney can work with your lender to come up with feasible and affordable repayment option.

The initial steps will be to ensure that the lender has followed the proper procedure to foreclose the property. Many times, if you file for Chapter 13 before the notice to sell is put out, it can stall the foreclosure procedure. That is why it is important that you consult with our foreclosure attorney as quickly as possible.

The attorney will speak to your lender on your behalf to come up with a more acceptable loan modification plan and also ensure you will not be evicted from your property. That is the moment you default on your mortgage get in touch with Mortgage Helpline. This will give the attorney a head start to find a solution that suits your financial situation.

We are Here to Help You

Mortgage Helpline believes in working for the community and ensuring that families always have a roof over their heads. That is why we have a mortgage assistance program that allows you to repay your mortgage in installments by taking a loan from us. Our foreclosure attorney works with the lender to restructure your debt and the loan you take from us is at a lower interest rate than what your lender is charging you. As a result, you pay a lower amount every month to repay the mortgage while still retaining the ownership of your home.

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Foreclosure is a frightening and scary experience, but there are ways to stop foreclosure in Utah. Contact us today and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide you and offer the support you need to save your home.