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Stop Foreclosure New York

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Mortgaging your home is a common practice. A person can pledge their house against a sum of money. Mortgages work on the same principles as normal loans. However, as with other loans, if you make default in payment you stand a chance of receiving a notice of default (NOD).
Receiving a notice of default is, without a doubt, a scary thing to receive. The moment you get your notice, it won’t be long before the lender or the bank will send the notice to your house’s auction. An auction for your house is bad news, and once the house is auctioned, you will have to evacuate the house.

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How to Stop Mortgage Foreclosure?

Although it may seem that you cannot get out of this process, there is a way. At Mortgagehelpline, we offer you a perfect way and opportunity to get out of the impending doom of eviction. Here is what we do for you when you face foreclosure:

  • At Mortgagehelpline, we answer your questions such as “how to stop foreclosure auction immediately?” and “how to stop foreclosure sale date?” The answer to these questions is simple, we offer you an excellent foreclosure attorney, who will provide you with the requisite foreclosure help, and will help you to stop the foreclosure date.
  • The foreclosure attorney offered by Mortgagehelpline will make sure that the bank or the lender has followed the relevant steps for your auction and loan foreclosure procedure. Banks have been known to forcefully force house owners to foreclose their loans and have sold their houses without following the proper and the relevant rules. The main point is that if you, the borrower are following the rules, why should not the lenders? Our foreclosure attorney will make sure that, if such notice has been served to you have been done by keeping the relevant rules and are valid.
  • Furthermore, our foreclosure attorney will also negotiate with your lenders and will ask for the reasons for the notice that has been served. Our foreclosure attorney will also initiate a legal proceeding with the trustees of the bank to avoid an unlawful eviction. This will give you more time to come up with a strategy to tackle the problem at hand. You can come up with the finances, or offer to sell your house if the option suits you. When you sell your house separately and do not allow the bank to auction your property, there are chances that you may get a higher price and get a better buyer than the bank.
  • With the addition to this our foreclosure attorney is well equipped to deal with the various problems which may arise during the legal proceedings with the banks and their trustees, and they will provide you with the best ways to avoid new york state foreclosure eviction process.
  • Another option is given by, Mortgagehelpline, to avoid or stop new york state foreclosure eviction process is that you register with us. Give us your details and see if you are eligible for a loan from our company. What we do is simple, we offer you a way out of your foreclosure problem by giving you a new loan. This loan will not only save your house but will give you the following benefits on your loan and its rates:
    • We provide restructured loans and rates.
    • We offer a lower fixed interest rate.
    • Our loans have a principal deduction system.
    • You will have lower payments every month.
    • You get to save your house.

With foreclosure on your head, you may not know what to do with your loan. However, we at Mortgagehelpline offer you a sturdy way of getting out of your problem.