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Millions of home owners were able to secure affordable loan modification since 2007

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If eligible you may be entitled to:

  • Save your home from foreclosure

  • Lower Monthly Payment

  • Lower Fixed Interest Rate

  • Negative Equity Forgiveness

  • Principal Balance Reduction

  • Restructured Late Payments

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Stop Foreclosure New Mexico

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When you have gotten a Notice of Default (NOD), Notice of Filed Foreclosure, or Notice of Foreclosure Sale/Auction, a dispossession safeguard or misfortune alleviation lawyer is in the best position to adequately protect your rights and interests. In the event that you have gotten one of these notification, get in touch with us today!

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We bolster dispossession barrier lawyers that can answer protestations, and record counter-cases and movements. They can likewise speak to you at hearings, intercession, and amid the whole arrangement process. A dispossession barrier lawyer will battle to safeguard your rights, and accomplish the most ideal result in advance alteration and other abandonment choices.