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Stop Foreclosure Arkansas

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If you are behind in mortgage payments or you think you will not be able to keep up with the payments, Mortgage Helpline can assist you. Our foreclosure attorneys are experts in how to stop foreclosure in Arkansas and will work with you get the most attractive loan modification option that suits your financial situation.

Understanding Foreclosure in Arkansas

Before our foreclosure attorney answers your questions on how to stop foreclosure sale date in Arkansas, it is important for you to understand the procedure for foreclosure in Arkansas.

In Arkansas, the foreclosure is usually non-judicial. This means that there is no need for the lender to file a case against you. However, the lender is obligated to send you a notice, which should also contain details about loan modification assistance. This notice should reason at least 10 days prior to starting of the foreclosure procedure.

The foreclosure process begins with recording of the notice of default and intention with the county recorder. A copy of the notice has to be mailed to you within 30 days of recording. In addition, your bank is obligated to publish the notice in the newspaper once a week, and for four consecutive weeks. The last notice should be published minimum of 10 days before the property’s sale date.

Our foreclosure attorney will also let you know about reinstating your mortgage. Once you catch up with the missed payments, which include fees and costs, you can reinstate the mortgage before the sale.

How Mortgage Helpline Works to Stop Foreclosure in Arkansas

You will be assigned an experienced and knowledgeable foreclosure attorney, who will focus on how to stop foreclosure auction immediately. The attorney will answer all your questions about how to stop foreclosure sale date and loan modification. The initial step will be to ensure that the bank followed the proper procedure to foreclose the property.

The attorney will also negotiate with the lender to come up with an affordable loan modification plan while taking all steps to prevent the eviction process. If you are a military service member or you have a high-cost home loan, the foreclosure attorney will ensure you can avail the special protection that Arkansas law provides.

You can avail our mortgage assistance program that lets you take a loan from Mortgage Helpline at an affordable interest rate to repay your mortgage and make affordable monthly payments. This way, each month you may a lower payment than you are currently making while also retaining the ownership of your home. This takes away the stress of foreclosure or getting evicted from your home.

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We are experts in preventing the Arkansas state foreclosure eviction process. So call us right away if you are behind in mortgage payments or have received a notice from your lender. Our foreclosure attorney will find a way to stop foreclosure in Arkansas and also work with you to improve your situation so that you retain the ownership of your home without worries. Mortgage Helpline brings a wealth of experience in foreclosure help and we always work in your best interests.